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kirtley freckleton

I am Kirtley Freckleton, a registered nurse and certified health coach! 



Renny Grames

I am Renny Grames, actress, producer, fitness model and certified health coach. My husband and I produce a YouTube channel Freakin Rad, we love traveling, hiking, rock climbing and yoga!

I have been not only been able to heal myself from depression and anxiety through nutrition, health and balancing my blood sugars, but I am able to thrive in my career and love life which is why I am passionate about sharing my journey with others so they can do the same.



Want to find out how we both got off sugar, and as a result: lost tummy pooge, dropped a combined 60 pounds, beat depression and broke free from the rollercoaster ride of a diet mentality? Watch the video below to see our top tips we recommend to be free from sugar for life.

Click on the image above which will direct you to the video.