Yes! I Want To Shut Down Sugar!

I want to make a one time payment of $150

I want to make three monthly payments at $55/mo


Try The Sugar Leash risk free for 30 days and if for any reason you aren't satisfied, we'll give you your money back. 

And don't worry! Just because you buy today doesn't mean you'll miss out on our risk free guarantee! Purchase today and your 30 days won't start until our official launch in September.

What's Included  

-Three months of weekly video modules and assignments

-Your own log-in account for members only

-The Sugar Leash Guide to accompany the lessons and modules

-The Sugar Leash Book available for instant download

-Daily emails for the 1st month and then bi-weekly emails to guide you every step of the way

-Access to our Sugar Shutdown Facebook group

-How to Meal Prep for Success

-Sugar substitutions that keep you satisfied to ease off sugar

-Whole Foods based Fast and Easy Meal Recipes

-Bonus videos extra tips and tricks!

Our Video Modules


Month One

  • Prep week

  • Intuitive eating: How to listen to your body cues

  • Emotional eating: How to change your habits and face your feelings

  • Self-love: How to find motivation when you lack it and connect with yourself

Month Two

  • How to fuel your body with awareness

  • How to be social without needing to eat sugar

  • How to stop the negative self-talk

  • How to fully embrace who you are and love it

Month Three

  • How to mindfully stop eating your emotions

  • How to eat sugar, when you eat it

  • How to get rid of your guilt and move into your power

  • How to deal with stress and ground yourself

Bonus videos**



When does it start?

You choose. You will be sent an email with a button to trigger the course. Once you've triggered it, the course will last 12 weeks, or three months. You can access the video modules at any time and watch them in any order. You can also ready the book and go through the companion guide at your own pace.

Can I eat fruit, and drink alcohol and coffee?

Yes you can eat fruit--that's a great substitute from sugar. In the first month we challenge you to consume no more than 25 grams of sugar per day. So with alcohol and coffee you get to choose how much you consume. Just remember that you crave what you eat. If you keep your taste buds used to sugar you will continue to crave it and it will always be hard. We would encourage you to to drink coffee black and hold off drinking alcohol at least by the 3rd month so you can at least know what it's like to be off of sugar. It's more about you learning about your body as you go. 

Do I have to go 100% off of sugar?

You decide! By the 3rd month we encourage everyone to try that, but this program is more of a learning process to understand how you work.  It's not about perfection, it's about progress

Where will I find the modules?

You will have a login at and have access to the course!

Is this a meal plan?

No. We are not giving you a meal plan but empowering you to learn how to meal plan. We want to make sure you learn essential skills so you can stay off sugar long term, and learning how to make healthy meals will be essential. We do offer you some recipes however to help you with meal planning.

How much time will it take each day/week?

We encourage you to commit at least 10 minutes a day if you really want to get something out of this. Each week we will have assignments or videos to watch to help you learn and grow.

Will I lose weight?

Although we offer no guarantees, you will be learning all the essential steps to weight loss through this program. Losing weight is often a byproduct of living a healthy lifestyle with awareness, especially when it comes to emotional eating.

What happens after the 3 months are over?

You will have unlimited access to the member portal, so you will be able to "re-do" this course whenever you choose!

How long are the weekly modules?

They vary in length. Each video is about 5-10 minutes long, although some may be longer. We also included bonus videos, so each week you'll have plenty of content to keep you motivated! 

What if my spouse/partner isn't support of going off sugar?

It's tough when your spouse or other family members don't share similar goals, especially if they want to keep sugar in the house.  Ask if you can compromise by putting the sugar out of sight and keeping it at work instead of in the house. Treat the whole situation with love instead of force. People make changes as others treat them with love and are a good example of health.

What else do I have to buy after I buy this program?

We will give you a list of suggested sugar substitutes to buy, that's all. 

Can I do this even if I am pregnant or nursing?

Yes you can! You don't need sugar to nurse or grow a baby!

What if I have medical conditions?

Every program should advise you to check with your physician before making any significant changes to your eating and exercise plan. While we don't tell you what to.

What if I already eat super healthy, will this still help?

Yes! Part of healthy eating is learning how to deal with your emotions, love yourself and listen to your body cues. Plus you may not be aware of the hidden sugars you're consuming--it will be fun for you t see that.