Work With Us

We have several ways in which you can work with us, whether you'd prefer a group setting or working with us one-on-one. We can also tailor your plan according to your goals whether you'd like to deal with sugar addiction or lose 100 pounds, it's up to you.

Sugar leash Course


Join our group mentorship, where we walk you our guided Home Course with our book, companion guide and daily inspirational emails with tasks and goals. 

Focuses on your mind-body connection, getting to the root of your emotional eating habits and learning self-love for your own personal growth and success.

$150 for the 3 month course

-monthly payments available.

One-on-One Coaching


Work with either Kirtley or Renny one-on-one where we hold your hand through weight loss as well as the behavioral science of changing your habits when it comes to eating sugar.

On your weekly one-on-one call, we work with you to create custom meal plans, work out suggestions, teach you meditation techniques, as well as hold you accountable to your WHY.

*price may vary

Lose Weight Now


This plan focuses most on getting into a a state of mild nutritional ketosis or "fat burn". You will be provided with "fuelings" to eat as well as "lean and green" recipes to prepare.

You will typically experience withdrawal symptoms for the first 3-5 days, then your cravings will go away and you will experience excess energy and drop up to 10 pounds/month.


*price may vary